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No more nail-biting while you work

Hands Down uses your Macbook's webcam to stop you from biting your nails while you work and browse.

100% Private

Concerned about granting webcam access, right? That's why Hands Down DOES NOT connect to the internet or collect any data. (And it never will.)

Set and forgot

Runs discretely in the background while you work, browse, watch videos, etc. It even works during video calls. (Biting isn't very professional)

Fits like a glove

You can control it to be strict, forgiving, or something in between.
Whatever makes YOU stop biting.

Built by a professional nail-biter

Hey, I'm Kian. I've struggled with nail-biting for as long as I can remember.The worst is when I'm on my computer. I can work all day and get a lot done.But at the end of it, my nails will be gone. I hate it.Since most of my biting happens while I'm using my Macbook, I decided to put its webcam and finger-tracking abilities to good use.I've been using and refining this app for weeks, and it really has helped me.I hope it helps you too. ❤️

It works. Ask them 👇

"After spending the last 15+ years chewing my fingers, fingernails, pen caps, and more, HandsDown has given me some hope to finally crush this oral fixation/habit. I find things the worst when I'm working at the computer, which consumes 8+ hours of my day as someone working from home.Going on day seven now and I'm already finding great success with HandsDown.10/10 will recommend it to my friends."- Josh from Reddit

"It works really well, I still bite sometimes, but less for sure - it helps me each time to at least recognize that I started to bite.thanks for keeping my fingers clean and can/will only recommend it to other nail biters! :)"- ploppypop from Reddit

One Time Purchase


Pay once, use forever.
100% Risk Free
(Instant full refund within 90 days if you're not happy, no questions asked)

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Feedback wanted

Please let me know how I can improve the app for you, or if there's any bugs that need squashing.